My goal with Blueprints, is to educate, inspire and equip you with the knowledge and plans needed to build your own highly productive, reliable and efficient aquaponic system. Many people who are interested in embarking upon their first aquaponic endeavor enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of fabricating their own system. They have an idea in their head of what they want it to look like, and what they want to get out of the system. However, there are many fine details in proper system design and functionality that easily can be overlooked by the novice builder. It is for this very reason that I have created my Blueprints service. 

Blueprints offers solutions to many problems you may encounter when planning to build your own aquaponic system. By browsing through my Blueprints Archive, you may find the inspiration for which you've been looking to design your perfect system. You can educate yourself in system design and functionality in the System Info section. If you need more detail than what's available to view in the Blueprints Archive, you can purchase a 3D rendering of any system. This will not only give you a close up three dimensional look at the system, but it will also provide you with exact measurements so you'll know where to make every cut. If after browsing through the archive and gaining some knowledge and inspiration you still aren't totally sure how to bring your ideas to fruition, I offer custom designed blueprint packages. With a Custom Blueprint Package, I work with you, taking all of your ideas, input and design requirements. For some people, this might be a certain yield they wish to achieve with their system. For others, it could be a system design that flawlessly integrates with their landscape. No matter your special needs or requirements, Custom Blueprint Packages can help you find a solution.

Through my Blueprints service, I hope to inspire countless breakthroughs in system design, advance aquaponics and ultimately enable people to become more self sufficient. I will be adding every new system design I create to the Blueprints Archive. When a customer purchases a Custom Blueprint Package, I will add their design to the Blueprints Archive as well. This way, every unique new design I envision, as well as every new design a customer envisions will be brought to life through my 3D renderings. These new designs will serve as tools to teach countless people about all the wonderful benefits aquaponics has to offer. 

System Blueprints - $25

  • copy of SketchUp file from archive


Custom Blueprint Package (Standard) - $240

  • copy of custom designed SketchUp file

  • 1 revision

  • 15 minute over the phone walkthrough and Q&A of the system design

Custom Blueprint Package (Premium) - $480

  • copy of custom designed SketchUp file

  • 3 revisions

  • 30 minute video conference walkthrough and Q&A of the system design

  • parts / price / vendor list of all material needed 

  • additional 1 hour of over the phone support services 

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