About Me

My name is Ben and I am the owner and operator of Infinite Aquaponics. I live in southern California with my wife and 2 sons. I have been designing, fabricating and operating aquaponic systems since 2011. I can honestly say aquaponics has changed my life. The skills and knowledge I obtained through my passion for aquaponics has enabled me to change career paths, opened countless doors to new and exciting opportunities and enabled me to provide for my family by doing what I love. 

I became immediately enthralled with aquaponics the moment I read an article about it in a farming magazine in 2011. It seemed to be a perfect combination of my favorite hobbies; growing food, raising fish, design & fabrication and cutting edge technology. The icing on the cake was that aquaponics is a sustainable way to grow healthy, organic and pesticide free food. I immediately began building my first system and it was up and running within a couple of weeks. From that moment on I knew I had found something about which I was truly passionate. 

Since first discovering aquaponics, I have designed, fabricated and operated dozens of aquaponic systems. These systems range from the small scale of my very first system using 5 gallon buckets, all the way to 1,000 gallon+ backyard systems capable of growing enough fresh produce for a farmers market stand. Along the way I have gained vast amounts of knowledge about aquaponics though literature, classes, searching the internet, and the best way in my opinion…trial and error. It is through this endless quest for information on aquaponics that I discovered what a limited amount of honest and reliable information there is available to people. I am determined to change that.

Infinite Aquaponics

My goal with Infinite Aquaponics is to be the ultimate resource of useful information for any aquaponics enthusiast. By sharing my passion with others I strive to provide people with the information they need to be successful in all of their aquaponic endeavors. By educating others about aquaponics, I can teach them how to grow their own food, giving them piece of mind knowing from where it came. I want to enable people to provide healthy, organic, sustainable food for themselves, their families and even their communities. 

In addition to providing reliable knowledge on aquaponics, it is my goal to provide the most efficient, reliable and aesthetically pleasing aquaponic systems. I apply my knowledge and experience to design every one of my systems from the ground up with all of these factors in mind. All of my systems are meticulously designed and fabricated by me. I build each of my systems as if I was going to proudly display it in my own backyard.


Paul Goodman - February 2017

"A lot goes into building a backyard aquaponics project. It cannot be done in a few days. I contacted Ben in July 2016. By Thanksgiving, I had water running through the pipes. In December we had fish, and at the Beginning of February 2017, my family harvested our first head of lettuce.

Ben did an outstanding job at designing the project for the space I had available. Over the months, by working together, he taught me the necessary things I needed to know to introduce fish, and start growing plants. 

Ben is not only a good designer, but an outstanding teacher. I also try to gain more knowledge by reading articles, watching YouTube videos, and, of course, talking to Ben. When in doubt, I contact him, and ask for his advice. He is always available, and happy to help. 

Aquaponics requires patience, and knowledge. Design and construction is part of the puzzle. But the main ingredient is knowledge and experience. 

Ben is the perfect person for the job. I gained a teacher, mentor, and friend in the process. I can wholeheartedly recommend him."

Matt Wagner - February 2017

"My 4x8 foot aquaponics system puts out more perfectly grown organic veggies than any soil based growing I've ever done. Super efficient and great tasting fish too!"

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